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Stunning Headshots by EA Creative Photography!

Oh. My. Word. Look at that, will you?

I just have to brag on Emilie Hendryx of E.A. Creative Photography a little bit here.

I’d been wanting professional headshots for forever and ever, and I’d been following Emilie on Facebook and other various social media for a while. (She takes professional headshots for authors at Realm Makers and ACFW). Oh man, did I want a session too!

Well my time came at Realm Makers 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


It was raining. I was sweating–ahem, “glowing”–from running around to get to my session in time and, you know, cause it’s hot in Philly in July. Hot.

And I was totally freaking out to step in front of that camera. But I did anyway.

And she did it. Emilie took my damp hair, “glowing” skin, and extra baby weight (That sucker’s a year and a half. This is supposed to go away sometime about now, right? Right?) ;-) and somehow made me look beautiful.


I have no idea how she did it. But I have my guess.

One word: magic.

Thank you, Emilie Hendryx, for taking such stunning professional headshots! I am in awe!!!

In Him,


Realm Makers, Gen Con, and ACFW, Oh My!

Let’s just say I’ve been busy. Extremely busy.

So busy, in fact, I’ve been sick for about three months straight.

I know! Not cool, right?

But the conferences, book signings, conventions, editing jobs, book releases, etc. etc. etc. have all been so wonderful, I couldn’t resist!

(And now I’m being forced by my body to slow it down and take care of me…then I’ll be off and running again!) :)

So now a little about my time at Realm Makers:

And Gen Con:


Isn’t that incredible? Tosca Lee, Ted Dekker, and being able to dress up in a Star Trek uniform! (Though I would say meeting both authors was a tad more exciting than dressing up…) ;)

There’s more–so much more–and I will do my best to share a plethora of my favorite pictures I took from all three of these events at a later time.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Have you read any incredible books lately?

I haven’t had time for personal reading lately, and I find I’m desperate for a few good recommendations.

What have you read and loved?

In Him,


Wisdom & Folly at the Indianapolis Homeschool Convention

Guess what? I’m taking Wisdom & Folly to the Indianapolis Homeschool Convention next weekend! Oh my goodness, I hope they love it!

The IAHE (or Indiana Association of Home Educators) hosts a yearly convention, full of workshops, general sessions, and exhibits galore.

And I get to be one of the exhibitors.

The Indiana chapter of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) of which I am the current treasurer, purchased a booth and invited their members to bring their fiction. Of course I jumped on it!

(I’m so attending the session “Never Give Up: The Critical Importance of Finishing What You’ve Started.” That can apply to so many areas of life!)

I remember being dragged–ahem, I mean, attending–a few homeschool conventions with my mom when I was young. My favorite booths were those that sold books, preferably the fiction kind, as my mom learned everything new and trending in the homeschool world. I didn’t care about any of that other stuff back then. I just wanted to read.

I can’t say my perspective has changed much (Me? Homeschool? No way. I would kill my kids. Kill. Them.) but my passion for fiction remains the same.

(Please let me say many of my friends homeschool, and I admire, respect, and pretty much adore them for being able to do what I cannot. Rock on! So jealous.)

The part of me who remembers that little girl, hungry for a good story, hopes to be able to bless someone at IAHE as I wished a certain vendor (corner both, stuffed full of discount books, didn’t want kids around unless their parents were paying) would have blessed me. A little grace for a lover of stories with grimy hands.

Wow. I feel like that got real fast.

Back to fun and happy!

So anyway, I will be there, selling my book, and signing as many copies as possible!

Will you be there this year? I would love to see you!

In Him,


Oh my goodness! Fun news!

This past weekend, I drove to Fort Wayne for my first ever local ACFW meeting.  And to accept the treasurer position.


(For those of you who don’t know what ACFW is, it stands for American Christian Fiction Writers.)

Each state or region has their own chapter, and my chapter is the Indiana one.

I am beyond thrilled.

I met the most precious group of writers–I can’t wait to get to know them all better!

Our speaker was Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, author of over 50 books and director of the professional writing major at Taylor University. (http://www.dochensley.com)

He spoke on how to make dialogue sparkle, and he held us captivated from the moment he started speaking.

It was so good.  I encourage you to take any class of his you possibly can.

If that was a taste of the meetings to come, I cannot wait!

How it works:

  • If you are a writer of fiction–or an aspiring author–join American Christian Fiction Writers at http://www.acfw.com.
  • Yearly membership fees (as of 2014) are $65 (renewals are $45), and that includes writing classes, critique groups, writing contests, and much, much more.
  • Then go to your local chapter’s website (Indiana’s is http://hoosierink.blogspot.com) and fill out and send in an application.
  • Our yearly fee is $12, and that includes local meetings where one can connect and fellowship with other authors, as well as a chance to blog on the Hoosier Ink website, advertise your book, join a private Facebook group, and receive a bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Note: You must be a member of the parent organization in order to join the local chapter.

If this interests you at all, I encourage you to check it out!

If not, thank you so much for taking the time to read my good news.

This journey to publication is full of crazy twists and turns–I cannot wait to see where God is taking me next!

2015 is going to be a good year.  And I think I am going to highly enjoy being a treasurer.

By the way, isn’t that header picture gorgeous?  That happens to be the genius of our chapter president, Rick Barry.  If you follow the link to our chapter website, you will see the same lovely image.

Rick, thank you so much for letting me use your picture for this blog post!

My love and prayers are with you all, dear readers.

Until next time!  :)

In Him,





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