Thoughts on Chapter Seventeen


This was a rough chapter to write.

As concerned as I was about the last chapter–adding romance to the story of Wisdom and Solomon–this chapter should have been a breeze.

Not so.

Chapter Seventeen was the toughest to write in the entire history of Wisdom and Folly (ahem, only seventeen weeks, but it seems like I’ve been doing this for a lifetime!)  I simply did not want to write.  At all.

I procrastinated until I knew I couldn’t a second longer, then prayed.

“God, you know I don’t want to do this.  If you want this chapter to be written, you’re going to have to help me want to do this!  Give me the words!  Lead me!  Guide me.  Help me.”

God whispered into my heart, “Start with Wisdom crying in the streets.”

Cool.  Awesome.

But guess what?

I still didn’t want to do it.

I really thought that overpowering feeling of “I can DO this!!!” (with a Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor grunt) would sweep me away and start adrenaline pumping as I typed a thousand words a second.


I had to make myself sit there and write the blasted thing.

And even then I posted it a day after my self-imposed time limit.

I just had to share what I learned from this seemingly insignificant moment in my life.

Sometimes God answers my prayers, but I have to force my lazy butt to do my part in making it come to pass, even if I don’t want to.

So, there you have it!  Another lesson learned in this grand journey to publication.

I cannot wait for the day when I get to hold my precious baby–my book–in my hands.

Here is an excerpt from this week’s chapter:


“Listen to me! How long will you love ignorance? How long will you wallow in the grime of your sins, refusing freedom? If you follow me, I will pour out my spirit on you, and you will have blessings you never even dreamed were possible. Why won’t you listen? Why do you refuse my blessing? Heed my voice! Listen, and live!”

Wisdom heard a snicker behind her and whirled around.

“Well, hello there, big sister.”

Wisdom’s eyes shot to the roof of the nearest building. Folly leaned against a wall—a room built on the roof—with her arms crossed and one ankle looped over the other.

Wisdom’s mouth fell open. Seriously?

Folly dropped lightly to the ground and strutted forward, posing to show Wisdom all sides of her garish outfit.

Black leather corset, leg-hugging shiny black pants, boots that came past her knees and spiked into claw-like heels. How could Folly walk in those things? She certainly couldn’t fly.

“You like?”

Wisdom shook her head.


Folly’s full lips turned down in a pout, and she shrugged, straining her overabundant cleavage.

Wisdom wanted to toss a shawl around her shoulders. A prayer shawl.

“It won’t be the fashion for a few more centuries—quite a few more centuries, actually—but I like it.” A wide grin replaced the pout. “I like it very much.”

Wisdom spun away from her, refusing to be drawn in. Folly had a reason for being here, and she had no intention of finding out what it was.


To read further, click the link below, or go to “Chapter Seventeen” under my “Wisdom and Folly” tab at the top of the page.

In Him,


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