I did it! I submitted my manuscript!

My eyes are burning, I can barely see the computer screen through my squinty eyes, and I can’t believe how late it is.

But it doesn’t matter.

I did it.

I submitted my manuscript to Writer’s Edge.

Big Christian publishers, such as Bethany House, Thomas Nelson, Revell, and Tyndale, only accept manuscripts through agents.  Something I don’t have.  Yet.  But Writer’s Edge submits your work directly to those publishers and many more.  So now I’m waiting for the stampede to begin.  :)

If I get approved, that it.

I appreciate your prayers and emotional support!  This is where the sweat comes in, while I’m waiting on the tears or happy dance options.

I think the kids might very well be watching a movie tomorrow so I can rest.

If I ever get off this high cloud I’m on.  :)



2 Thoughts on “I did it! I submitted my manuscript!

  1. Hi, Michele!

    Good to see another Heartland writer going on-line!

    Blog fodder for you:
    * Why did you choose Writer’s Edge? (Why not Christian Manuscript Submissions, for example?)
    * Why not try self-publshing on Amazon’s KDP site or other?
    * Did you have your manuscript professionally edited before submitting to Writer’s Edge?

    Inquiring minds want to know, and hey these questions give you something else to blog about!

    See you at the next Heartland (evening) meeting…

    • I am DEFINITELY going to have to use all of this for a future blog post! :)

      I mainly chose Writer’s Edge Service because Joyce recommended them, and their website completely sold me. :) Dr. Hensley, however, said he would save the money and go to a writer’s conference where you can hand a manuscript to an agent face-to-face. So I don’t know if I blew it or if just the right editor will see my manuscript and want to pick up my series.

      I think the main reason I did not choose Amazon (yet!) is that I want an agent, I want an editor, and I want the big publishing house. So I’m going to go for that as hard as I can right now. But don’t worry, Amazon is on my “to-do” list. :)

      I did not have my manuscript professionally edited, but I really, really want to (and I do think it needs it.) That was a money issue so I learned as much as I could and self-edited. Dr. Hensley (dochensley.com) has an amazing editing service that I will be using when I am able.

      Does that answer your questions? Taking notes now for future blog posts! Thank you!

      In Him,

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