I might be traditionally published…what?

So I have some exciting news. And some not-so-great news.

This month, September, is an open month for Blink YA Books submissions.

You don’t even know how crazy that is. To submit to Blink, you need, like, an agent, to be the most amazing writer in the world, or to get someone from their editorial department to fall in love with your writing at a writer’s conference.

I have been like a heartsore puppy, standing outside of Blink’s submission department, staring in with sad puppy eyes and wishing I were part of the fun.

No more.

I submitted Zombie Takeover and will most likely be submitting Wisdom & Folly.

(Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying they’re gonna love me and accept either manuscript, but I’m saying there’s a chance. For the first time. Ever.)


Oh, yes. Right. Professionalism. Anyway. Moving on…

So this brings me to my bummer news.

Wisdom & Folly was supposed to release October 10th.

I know, right? I was going to be able to hold that sucker in my hands in two weeks. Sob

And I was going to have my very first book signing ever October 17th at the Greenwood book fair.

Sitting in for my writer’s group, I will be selling (and maybe even signing) copies of the anthology I was published in, Stories from the Heartland. How cool is that?

But I was also going to have Wisdom & Folly available. I had planned to write this glorious post, shouting to the world my release date and very first ever book signing.

Well. I won’t be able to do that if I submit to Blink.

So exciting, terrifying, and disappointing, right? I mean, what if they say no, too? What if I miss my very first book signing for no reason? Argh!

True, I’ll have to wait longer to hold either of my books in my hands, but, once again, they just might maybe kinda sorta be traditionally published!!!!!

Yes, I’m very nearly screaming right now. (But the baby’s asleep and all…) ;)

So, dearest readers. I love you, I thank you for following me and this crazy roller-coaster ride (Seriously. I’ve been through more tears and squeals than you’ll ever know!), and I cannot wait to present you with my finally-published books.

I just can’t hold it back.

Squeal!!! :)

In Him,


P.S. Do you have a crazy awesome YA book you want to submit to Blink? You have ten more days…here’s their submission form. (My only advice? Read their submission guidelines in great detail and do everything they say. Editors love this!) God’s richest blessings on you and your submission! :)

4 Thoughts on “I might be traditionally published…what?

  1. Prayine for God’s timing and wisdom for you! Blink’s open YA submission opportunity is great news! I’m wishing I had my next one edited and ready to submit. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait a while.


    • Oh, I wish you had your next one ready too! Maybe next year if they do this again? Thank you so much for your encouragement, Jerry! I’m so excited about YOUR book!!! :)

  2. Michele, I pray all your dreams come true. Blessings, Saundra Staats McLemore Inspirational Christian Author

    • Thank you so much, Saundra! I feel like I’ve been praying and working towards this for forever–I can’t wait to actually see it happen! :) Have a lovely day!!

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