Chapter Eighteen


Folly glanced sideways at Lucifer’s eager face, inches from her own, as she tried to wrench the leather boot from her foot. It clung to her thighs, knees, and calves, refusing to let go. She tugged harder, irritation flashing.

“‘Well’ what?”

She could feel the blast of his anger, even without looking.

“Don’t get sassy with me, Folly. You’re lucky to still be unchained after leaving your sister like that.”

Folly rolled her eyes and stared at him in disbelief.

“Really? What did you expect me to do? Stand by helplessly while she overturned every stone and blade of grass on planet Terra, looking for the few blasted creatures who would listen to her?”

His cold eyes bored into her face.

“If that’s what it takes. Yes.”

She returned her attention to her stubborn boot.

“Believe me, I’ve got her right where I want her. No way is she going to let me be after seeing my house. Don’t worry about it.”

Her boot came free and she stumbled back, sitting down hard.

Lucifer crossed his arms. His eyes spoke volumes. He didn’t believe her.

She tried to look dignified while sprawled on the floor.

“I’ve got this.”

She tilted her head, a smirk peeking from the corner of her mouth. She held out her hand.

“Help me up?”

His lip curled in a sneer and he turned away.

“I think you can manage. You do fine on your own, remember?”

Folly’s mouth hung open as Lucifer disappeared through the doorway in a swirl of his black silk cloak.

“Insufferable, egotistical…”

Folly tugged at her other boot with a vengeance.

“Why I ever left the Maker for him I’ll never know!”

Folly stilled. Boot forgotten.

For the first time, she let the memories flow.

What it had been like. In Heaven. Before Lucifer poisoned her mind with unease and discontent.

She didn’t staunch them. Didn’t hold them back. Didn’t shove them away in anger.

She let the beautiful memories wash over her in waves, reliving them—soaking them in.

She missed it. She missed Heaven. She missed her sisters. She even missed Him.

Even as longing overtook her, Famine’s voice floated through her thoughts.

He could never forgive me for what I did. Never. He’ll never forgive you either. Remember that.

“You’re right.”

Folly’s voice broke the lengthening stillness.

“He’ll never forgive me. Never. Not even if I wanted Him to. Which I don’t.”

But her voice wasn’t haughty this time. It was full of despair.

She tugged at her boot again, blinking away tears.


“Folly has been assigned to you.”

“I gathered that,” Wisdom said drily, not lifting her head.

“And you’re not the least concerned?”

Wisdom glanced at Michael. She tilted her head, showing the Maker’s commander of His armies the respect he deserved.

She turned back to the battle plans she was perusing.

“No. She can’t distract me. I won’t let her. Not after last time.”

She peeked at Michael when he didn’t say anything.

“Believe me, it’s better if I can keep track of her. Keep her away from others. I’ve got this.”

Michael raised one silver eyebrow, crossing his thick forearms.

“I’ve got this,” she repeated, more to encourage herself than convince Michael.

He moved close to her, towering above her, and rested one heavy, battle-hardened hand on her shoulder.

“Wisdom, I don’t doubt you—you know that. But I’ve been worried about you lately. Especially with being away from the Maker so long…”

Her eyes snapped to his.

“I took care of that! We talked! It isn’t—I wasn’t—”

“Wisdom.” His smile was kind. “I’m not here to judge you. That’s not my place. I’m here to warn you. Help you, even. Folly knew things that she shouldn’t have, even with her gift of foresight. She hit every single one of your weak points.”

Wisdom waved the battle plans in the air.

“Hence why I’m brushing up.”

But her teasing grin did not evoke one of his own. If anything, his scowl deepened.

She squirmed after a few moments of strained silence.

“You think Lucifer’s involved?” she asked.

“More than that,” he said slowly. “I think it’s a group effort. They want to take you down. Badly. You know you are the Son’s guardian when it is His time. I think somehow they know this, too.”

Her eyes widened and he nodded slowly, confirming the truth.

“I want you to rely heavily on the Maker—accept help from us. I don’t want you to face them alone.”

She smiled.

“I’m never alone.”

He glared at her.

“Promise me.”

She turned away uneasily, crossing the floor to look at the map swarming with fallen angels. She easily picked out Folly and tracked her movements.

“Promise what?”

“Promise me you won’t fight them alone. That you won’t engage Folly. Come to me at the first sign of attack.”

Now it was Wisdom’s turn to frown.

“You think they can defeat me?”

He joined her at the map, staring down at the world teeming with creatures, angels, and fallen angels. Lives were snuffed out even as more flamed to life, but the angels remained constant—engaging in battle, standing guard around the Maker’s loved ones, waiting for the promise becoming apparent to the King’s people to be fulfilled.

“I think they will try. You are the best equipped to protect and teach the Prince while He is on Earth. I think they will stop you if you aren’t careful.”

She rested her slender hand on his muscular arm.

“I promise.”

He studied her for a moment.

“I will speak to the Maker about a contingent of warriors for you.”

She nodded.

“If you think that’s best.”

“I do.”

He studied her a moment more. She tried to smooth out his furrowed brow with a reassuring smile. His brow only creased further.

Michael sighed.

Lifting her hand in his, he tenderly kissed it before unfurling his silver wings and flying straight up, out of the room.

Wisdom watched with a gentle curve of her lips.

Rarely was the gentle side of Michael seen.

A frown erased her grin.

He must really be concerned.

She turned back to the battle plans, eager to see where the Lord was placing His army in preparation for the final battle.

Her heart fluttered.

The Son would go, the angels would fight, and Satan would haunt her creatures no more.

How she longed for that day!

But when? When would the Maker’s promised day come?

She stared at the map, determined to be ready for it.


Wisdom and Folly: Sisters by Michele Israel Harper, Chapter Eighteen © 2014

City of Lost Angels  by TheDarkRayne on

Used with permission.

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