Chapter Six

He was back!

Folly pushed away the constantly picking and prodding fingers and surged toward the entryway.

She rushed toward his sweeping figure.

“How did—“

She sprawled on the ground, head throbbing in sudden pain.

She was lifted straight off the floor, feet dangling.

Folly cringed as Lucifer’s sulfuric breath blasted her face.

“I take it it didn’t go so well,” she intoned drily.

Folly dabbed carelessly at her swollen lip and stared at the blood trickling down her finger, ignoring his heaving face. She would take another beating before she let him know how his cruelty had wounded her.

“No thanks to you.”

He slammed her against the wall.

Dropping to the floor, Folly heard his footsteps echo away.

Her heart squeezed and she gasped in pain. She thought she had done well. She thought he would be pleased.

“Fear! Come here.”

The thick, rotting blanket hovered nearby. Clawed toes peeked out from under the cloud.

“Go to the man and woman, wait for her to be with child, then torment the hell out of her. I don’t want her just to feel pain; I want you to compound it. Make her think she’s going to die. Go. Now!”

Folly vaguely wondered who Fear had been in its past life when heavy footsteps thundered back to her. She folded into herself but found herself hoisted off the ground again.

“Let’s see if we can give you a task you can’t mess up.”

Lucifer thrust her toward two shadows who clutched her arms, digging their boney fingers into her flesh.

Fear’s never-absent essence tried to enter her heart—she could see the tendrils making their way toward her—but she blew them away, refusing to be cowed by that faceless monster.

Blood oozed down her arms, and she swiveled her head side to side, trying to figure out who was holding her. It was a game she played every time she roamed her new home to keep from going insane. She studied the faces on either side of her. They were so shrunken, so gnarled, she couldn’t tell anymore.

Was that what Wisdom saw when she looked at her? A rotting corpse?

Folly clenched her teeth as their conversation swirled in her mind.

Repent, indeed. Like I ever want to go back to that place.

Folly sputtered in indignation then stilled. A catlike smile spread across her face. She would treasure the despair on perfect Wisdom’s face.

Failed! Folly threw back her head and cackled with laughter. Wisdom failed! Just wait until her beloved master—

Folly gasped as weightlessness seized her, and she plummeted into empty space. Her knees then elbows hit hard before she could catch herself. Folly looked above her. Lucifer leaned over the dank hole.

“I want you to think about what you’ve done. When you can tell me your mistakes, and what you can do to improve them, I will be back with your next task. If I can ever trust you again, that is.”

Something heavy was heaved over the slight opening, cutting off even the grayish light. Pitch black met Folly’s eyes.

“The only mistake was yours,” she growled into the dark.

A howl in the distance dropped her to her knees. She crawled until she met solid wall and huddled against it. Not the answer Lucifer was looking for.

She opened her eyes hours later.

She had battled with fear and lost. It soaked into every pore of her skin until she was saturated with it. She stood defiantly, trying to ignore the way her heart quaked within her.

Striding to the wall, she ran into it and fell back. She stared up at it in surprise, not understanding. Crawling to her feet she reached one hand out and ran her fingers along the rock. Her fingers scorched. She yanked them away and rubbed the ice from the tips.

Solid. Unmovable. She couldn’t get out.

Fear overwhelmed her and she sank to her knees. Tearing at her hair, a shriek built within her until she could hold it no longer.

She screamed and screamed until her shrieks turned to whimpers. She fell to the floor, sobbing in exhaustion.

She couldn’t get out. She was trapped. The rock that she should have been able to pass right through wouldn’t budge.

Maniacal laughter wafted into the room and bounced off the walls.

Not so prideful now, are you, hated one?

“Oh, Lucifer, Lucifer, I’m so sorry…just…please, let me out. I won’t disobey you again, I promise…just…please, get me out of here.” Folly pulled at her hair, tearing great clumps out. The brittle strands powdered over her shoulders.

I’ll come for you. Eventually.

Silence so loud she could feel it.

Folly screamed again. The walls felt tight; the air, putrid, almost gone. Pressure from all sides crushed her like a flower under a stone.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It wasn’t.

She curled in a ball on the floor, trying to block the terror, the absence of voices, the aloneness. The searing heat. The freezing cold.

No rest. No oblivion. Just torment.


“But, Master, what are we going to do? We’ve lost Abundance, Life, Treasure, Healing. How are your creatures on Earth going to thrive without these angels to help them? You said we each had a role to play; a job to do…”

The little angel looked panicked, although Wisdom could tell he tried very hard to subdue the wholly new feeling.

The King rubbed the small angel’s shoulders and shook him gently.

“You are all a reflection of Me. In Me is all abundance. In Me is all life. In Me is all treasure. In Me is all healing. You have all come from Me. In Me there is no lack. You can trust Me.”

The little angel’s shoulders sagged, and he sighed in relief.

“Thank you, Master. I needed that.”

The Lord embraced him before he fluttered away.

Wisdom waited her turn as other angels vied for the Maker’s attention.

Finally the King held up His hand and dismissed them.

The noise filtered out of the room as the angels left in a big cluster, their voices echoing in the enormous crystalline chamber.

Wisdom and Love were the only ones left.

Love stared after the departing angels, His hands clasped behind His back.

Wisdom trembled.

What was He going to do to her?

She had failed Him. Failed Him in the worst way. It was because of her he had lost his precious treasures within His Garden. It was because of her man no longer had the same fellowship with Him. It was all her fault.

Tears slipped down her cheeks.

Love turned and looked at her, the sorrow in His eyes matching her own.

With a cry, she sprinted across the room and into His open arms.

He stroked her hair and wings gently while she sobbed.

“Oh…Oh my Lord…I’m so…I’m so sorry. I tried…I failed…it’s all my fault.”

He pulled back and stared into her eyes.

“Can you ever forgive me?” she blurted.

He smiled and wiped one cheek, then the other, with His thumb. New tears quickly replaced the ones He wiped away.

“Oh, Wisdom. My Wisdom. Of course I forgive you. Always.”

Wisdom cried out and flung her arms around His neck in a stranglehold.

“Oh, thank You, my Lord!”

Joy warred with astonishment as she marveled at the cleansing feeling that swept through her. How could her Love be so good to her?

He gently tugged her arms away and leaned back to look at her.

“You let your guard down, dear one; something you must never do again.”

Wisdom stepped back quickly and ducked her head.

“Yes, Maker.”

He lifted her chin with His fingertip until their eyes met.

“Satan is a master deceiver, and he will train his followers to deceive as well. You must always look to Me for guidance, not to them. Do you understand?”

“Of course, my Love. Forgive me.”

He smiled.

“I already have. Come. I want to show you your new role for my creatures.”


Wisdom and Folly: Sisters by Michele Israel Harper, Chapter Six © 2014

Fallen Angel by Andy Garcia on deviantART.

Used with permission

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