Chapter Three


How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! Isaiah 14:12 NKJV

Mouth ajar, Wisdom stared between her Maker and the angry mob at His feet. What was happening? It had only been a few days since she had left to watch over her beloved creatures in the Garden. Now she had returned to absolute and utter chaos.

Hatred. Anger. Fear. Rage. Wisdom had never experienced the feelings swarming her brothers and sisters before, but she knew instantly what each were as they assaulted her senses.

She snapped her mouth closed and turned to Love.

All of Heaven was in an uproar, yet her Maker sat observing it all calmly, the epitome of power and glory.

A snarling voice invaded her thoughts as she tried to absorb every new sensation at a rapid-fire pace.

“I will exalt my throne above yours! Your days as ruler are over, great and mighty king,” Lucifer mocked. “I will do a better job than you ever did!”

She turned. Spittle flew from Lucifer’s mouth as he ground his teeth in anger.

Wisdom stared in horror at the growing crowd of angels behind him, all with their fists raised in defiance against her King.

“My Lord,” Wisdom whispered, anguish filling her soul. “Do something, please.”

Love reached out and clasped her hand gently, releasing it after the shortest moment.

“And what are the accusations brought against me?” bellowed the Most High.

The ground trembled and shook, angels on both sides falling on their faces before Him.

Lucifer stumbled from his knees to his feet.

“You do not allow me the same power as yourself!”

Accusations hurtled out of the mob.

“You think you are better than us!”

“You demand we worship you constantly!”

“You do not give Lucifer the respect he deserves!”

Wisdom’s face flew off the ground.

“Prudence? No…”

Her sister stumbled beside Lucifer, her face contorted by rage. Her fist lifted, she shook it as she screamed against her lord.

“You are not fair! You favor certain angels and treat them better than others, giving them the best gifts. What kind of god are you?”

“Prudence.” Wisdom mouthed the word but it did not find her voice. She grasped the hem of her Lord’s garment. “My Lord, my sister!” she cried.

As the vilest of false accusations were flung against Him, the King bent and cupped Wisdom’s cheek in His hand. Wisdom leaned into His touch, soaking in His strength. He held her gaze, and her eyes widened.

“Oh my Lord,” she whispered in agony, the glimpse He gave her of the future throbbing an agonizing beat in her head.

The Maker straightened.

“Enough!” The Lord Most High stood, all of the angels falling to the ground in His presence. “All of those who have lifted themselves against me this day are to be cast out of Heaven, never to dwell in My Presence again.”

Gasps and cries of horror reverberated around the Throne Room. Those with Lucifer looked to him for assurance, panic evident in their eyes.

Michael and Gabriel rose to flank their Commander.

Lucifer picked himself off of the floor and leered at Him, hatred pouring from him in waves.

“We shall see about that!”

With a cry, he pulled his sword, which burst into flame, and ran straight for his creator. Michael intercepted him.

Angels quickly pulled swords from their scabbards, and, with a mighty crash, the First War of the Heavenlies began.

Fire clashed and spewed as swords met.

Standing on the edge of the great chasm between Heaven and the worlds below, Aurik lifted a blaspheming angel high above his head and turned to look back at the King. At His nod, Aurik hefted the angel over the side and into the abyss below.

“Wisdom, are you with us?” Her head snapped up at Michael’s voice. With a firm nod, she clasped the sword offered to her.

She gripped the soft handle with both hands and wrung it, her heart squeezing that she was about to use a weapon against her Master’s creations. She barely had time to wonder if she could cut down one of her own when an angel barreled toward her, screaming, face twisted in unnatural fury.

Calm overtook her as steel rang against steel. She easily parried and thrust the angel aside, catching another’s blade with her curved sword.

She shoved the enemy’s weapon away and slashed at the attacking angel. A thin red line beaded along Abundance’s face.

Wisdom’s eyes widened, and she froze. She had spilled her Maker’s blood. The same blood that ran through Him, that He created within His angels—the very blood that the creatures below now carried within themselves—she had spilled.

Abundance swiped at her cheek and stared at the stain smeared across her hand.


The single syllable carried more rage than Wisdom dreamed Abundance could possibly know.

Abundance swung and swung, each slash accompanied by a hissing grunt. Abundance’s blade nicked Wisdom’s wrist. Abundance pulled back with a wide grin.

“Not so untouchable now, king’s favorite?”

Wisdom glanced at the gaping wound briefly, satisfied to see it close upon itself and the skin smooth out. She turned her full attention to Abundance.

Abundance’s eyes widened, and she touched her cheek. Her wound ruptured further, blood tracing red trails down her face.

She snarled and attacked. Wisdom fought her off and hurled her over the heads of the fighting angels. Abundance dropped over the side of the battlefield and disappeared.

Wisdom walked with determination across the vast Throne Room, gaze swinging in every direction. She thrust aside every blade that careened toward her as she searched.

Tossing angels riddled with hatred out of sight, she briefly glanced at each face, locking into memory each friend she had lost.

As she defended the honor of her Maker, she scanned the open room, her stoic face not betraying her racing heart within. Her sister was still on the battlefield. Somewhere. She had to be.

Finally, she spotted her.


Her sister spun to face her, her mask of anger slipping for a moment. Uncertainty slipped through her demeanor.

“Prudence.” Wisdom dropped the tip of her sword and held out her hand. “Please, come with me, my sister, my friend. It is not too late to humble yourself before the Maker and repent. Please.”

Fury replaced doubt, and Prudence shoved her sword toward Wisdom’s chest. Wisdom took a half step back, narrowly escaping the razor-sharp edge.

“Oh yes, I’ll do what Wisdom says; she’s always right. Listen to Wisdom; she can’t make a mistake. Wisdom. Wisdom. Wisdom. I am sick of hearing your name, sister!”

The two angels circled each other, Wisdom keeping a sharp eye on her sister’s movements and the blade inches from her own chest.

“And I am sick of your being at the master’s side constantly. Maybe I want to be the new master craftsman that the lord delights in daily. Maybe I want to be the one everyone turns to when they need advice. Maybe I want to be the best!”

“Prudence…” Wisdom warned.

Prudence turned to the King and shouted.

“Did you hear me, king? I will now be the best, the number one craftsman beside my master, Lucifer.”

But the King was speaking to Lucifer.

“You will be known as Satan, the deceiver, for you have deceived many today and turned them away from me. Be gone from my presence!”

White-hot power hit Satan and he flew back, falling from Heaven like a comet.

The King focused on Prudence.

“And you will no longer be called Prudence, but Folly. Be gone from my sight.”

He made eye contact with Wisdom briefly before turning His back.

Folly dropped her sword, her jaw slack. Wisdom hefted Folly above her head. She spoke fervently to Folly as she walked toward the edge of the battlefield.

“Remember this always. I cast you out of Heaven this day because you have slandered the name of your Maker. You have cursed the name of the Almighty and have worshiped Lucifer as god instead of the one true God. I will forget you after this day, but I am quite certain you will remember me for all of eternity.”

With a mighty heave, Wisdom threw her sister out of Heaven.

Folly plummeted, barreling toward the blue and green globe far below her. Her face remained impassive, full of shock. Until she hit Earth’s atmosphere.

Wisdom fell to her knees when Folly’s face twisted in agony as she screamed. Fire consumed her, and her beautiful wings shriveled and disintegrated, powdering off of her body like sparkling dust.

Tears slipped down Wisdom’s face as Folly fought against the fire destroying her. Wisdom tracked her descent until she crashed into the side of a mountain, tunneling deep within the earth’s crust.

Folly lay in a crumpled mess in the hole, unconscious.

Arms hugged Wisdom tightly, but Wisdom could not tear her gaze away to see who held her.

“Our sister,” Discretion whispered.

Both angels stared down at their sister, oblivious to the other defiant angels going through the same, agonizing process.

A resounding cry shook the ground, and the remaining rebellious angels were thrust out of Heaven as one.

Wisdom turned to look at her King.

The Lord God Almighty, maker of angels and men, dropped his head and wept.


Wisdom and Folly: Sisters by Michele Israel Harper, Chapter Three © 2014

Katarina by MagicnaAnavi on deviantART.

Used with permission.

Scripture taken from the New King James Version.  Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.  Used by permission.  All rights reserved.

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