Chapter Twenty

Folly tried to stop herself, but it was too late. She was running too fast.

Her apology sputtered out of her mouth as she slammed into Lucifer.

Sprawled in a heap on the burning floor, she barely had time to wonder if she had knocked him over before she was lifted into the air.

Lucifer glared at her, teeth bared, as he gripped the high collar of her shirt. Her feet dangled.

“What are you doing here?” he bellowed.

His retinue of most trusted advisors—whom Folly knew he didn’t trust at all—slinked away.

“I said I was sorry,” Folly gasped.

“I didn’t ask for your apology, I asked what you are doing here! Answer me!”

Terror gripped Folly at the wild, panicked look in his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you stupid? Get to the surface. Now!”

He threw her. Folly scrambled to her feet and ran while Lucifer shouted after her.

“Even now Wisdom moves with a contingent of warriors and the angels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Find out what she is up to!”

The rest of his shrieking words were lost to her as she barreled out of the pit and into the maker’s blinding sunshine.

She took to the air, frantically searching for her sister. And the other most feared angels of the realm.


“Wisdom, this is Zoe, Adiyah, and, of course, Raphael.”

Wisdom nodded to the three solemn angels. They gravely nodded back.

“I know you have met them before, at least in passing, but you will be getting to know them much better in the future. They are a part of your new contingent of warriors.”

Wisdom’s mouth dropped open, but she snapped it closed.

Zoe and Adiyah grinned at her wide-eyed astonishment. Raphael’s broad face and square jaw didn’t budge an inch. His stoic face held the same expression it had when he first entered Michael’s command center.

Wisdom swallowed. She glanced at Michael.

“Are you sure?”

She knew of Zoe’s and Adiyah’s reputations, but for Raphael, the mighty archangel, to be assigned as her personal bodyguard was astounding. Mind-blowing. As if Michael himself, commander of the King’s armies, had lent himself to her as her bodyguard. Michael was the only angel who outranked Raphael.

There was no way he had volunteered to be her protector. No way.

Michael nodded.

“I’m sure. They will join you on your assignment. I’ll send others as needed, of course, but they will help you keep the young one safe until His time has come.”

He waved Zoe forward. She offered Wisdom a shy smile.

“Zoe will speak life into every situation. Where Death tries to enter and find a stronghold, she will banish him with but a word from the Maker.”

He nodded to Adiyah.

“The Warrior. His weapons move so swiftly, you cannot see them. He will destroy any of the fiery arrows the Enemy sends your way and will dispatch any demon who tries to torment the King’s only Son.”

He gave the unmoving soldier a slight bow.

“Raphael. My best. Gifted with healing, Raphael can heal what has been broken and will repair any damage Satan tries to inflict on you, the Son’s protective detail.” A teasing grin slipped onto Michael’s face. “He’s not bad with a sword, either.”

Raphael acknowledged the praise with a slight tilt of his head. Nothing else. Not even a blink. It was the first movement Wisdom had seen from the giant angel since he had appeared at the offset of their meeting.

“And you, dearest Wisdom, will see to it that My Son grows in wisdom and in stature, in favor with Me and My creatures, never far from My heart.”

The five angels bowed deeply, soaking in the presence of their Master.

When Wisdom straightened, she was momentarily surprised to see the King’s Son and His Holy Spirit standing behind the King.

“I will stay in close fellowship with My Son, of course, but you will see to it that His natural mind learns my laws and precepts and holds them close to His heart as a young boy.”

“Yes, Maker.” Wisdom bowed again.

The Creator smiled fondly at His angels.

“I know you will do well. Accompany Gabriel to the surface when he arrives. I love each one of you.”

The King embraced them one by one, moving to Wisdom last. He kissed her on both cheeks, whispering into her ear. He then spoke quietly with His Son before a lengthy embrace. He left without another word.

Wisdom stared after Him. He had told her she would not see Him again until His Son’s time on planet Terra was fulfilled. A short time as far as angels were concerned, but much too long for Wisdom.

“Shall we?”

Gabriel’s voice jolted Wisdom from her reverie.

“Ready,” affirmed Michael.

Without waiting to see who followed him, Gabriel left the room as quickly as he had appeared.


Wisdom entered the humble dwelling last.

A young girl sat near the hearth, humming as she kneaded flour into cakes for the afternoon meal.

The angels surrounded her, observing her gentle movements.

The King’s Spirit nodded at Gabriel. Gabriel moved in front of her as the Holy Spirit and the Son flanked her on either side. Michael, Raphael, and Adiyah spread out, covering any possible gaps, and Zoe and Wisdom stood back, making sure the movements inside the hut were cloaked from enemy eyes.

Wisdom stared at the young girl who had been chosen above all others.

Young, beautiful, and unassuming, garbed in a simple homespun dress of olive green, her clear eyes were tranquil, happy. The tune she hummed rose from her being as incense to Heaven, praising the Creator without a word.

She was perfect.

“Blessed are you among women, Mary.”


Folly snuck around the dwelling’s short wall, straining to see through the walls again. Nothing. The child still sat by the hearth, ensconced in her singularly boring task of feeding the worthless creatures, the beatific smile and happy song grating on Folly’s nerves.

She could have sworn the angels entered this particular house. In fact, she did swear to it.

They had entered and simply vanished. No trail. No fuss. Nothing.

Where could they have gone?

She cursed as she moved to another spot on the wall.

If this was so blasted important, why on earth didn’t Lucifer send her a few more angels to follow the feared angels’ trail?

She peeked again. Nothing.

She sighed and slumped against the wall. Not willing to risk coming upon them, she waited for a sign that she still followed their trail. They couldn’t have simply vanished, could they have? Maybe the maker called them to heaven right away?

Folly growled. She wasn’t going to risk a beating, returning to report absolutely nothing. She leapt into the air to continue her search.


Tears streamed down Mary’s face as she lifted her hands and praised her Lord. The King’s Spirit and the Son entered her, vanishing from sight.

Gabriel nodded to Michael and disappeared. Michael turned to the angels.

“She will need each one of you now more than ever. Remember to keep yourselves cloaked from sight of the Enemy. Draw no attention to her whatsoever. Farewell, and to each of you my blessings.”

Michael drew a fisted hand to his chest in salute, his gaze lingering on Wisdom.

She smiled at him, and he, too, vanished.

The four remaining angels turned to Mary.

“Just wait till I tell Joseph! Oh, no. Joseph.” Her flushed excitement faded for a moment. She lifted her face and hands to the ceiling. “I trust you, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Give me strength.”

She pulled her mantle over her deep chestnut hair and fled the house, meal forgotten.


Wisdom and Folly: Sisters by Michele Israel Harper, Chapter Twenty. Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Fly II by MirellaSantana on Copyright © 2012-2015 by Mirella Santana.

Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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