My first blog post ever

Wow am I excited!  I’ve been scribbling away for years now, and I am finally ready to pursue publishing.  What have I written?  A Christian Zombie book.  Yep, you heard me correctly.

Christian.  Zombie.  Book.

Those of you who know me are probably laughing your heads off right about now.  Why?

Because I hate zombies.

Or anything scary.

The movie, Signs, with Mel Gibson, kept me awake for two weeks.  Two weeks.  My husband still makes fun of me since he says it wasn’t the least bit scary.  I beg to differ.

So, after a year of writing, rewriting, and editing, editing, editing, I asked my writers’ group to give it a once over, just in case I missed anything.  I knew I hadn’t; it was perfect, ingenious, divine–agents would be beating down my door to get their hands on this piece of perfection.  Ahem.  Apparently not the case.

I don’t know if you’ve written anything before, but the process is an exhilarating experience.  When I write, I float on a cloud of euphoria and marvel at the words streaming out of my fingertips into my keyboard.  God and I giggle a lot over what I’m writing.  Of course, He could be laughing at me…

Then I read it again and I’m like, “What the what?  Who wrote this crap?” and change everything a million times over again.

Then it is perfect.  (It really isn’t, but I think it is.) :)

I had spent one year on this puppy, and I knew, just knew, it was ready.  Sigh.  After my writers’ group made a million and one suggestions (I appreciate it SO much, guys, I do!) I revamped, rewrote, and re-edited.  NOW it is ready.  I think.

So this is my process.

I am going to submit it to The Writer’s Edge, a Christian publishing service who, after reviewing your work, will submit your book to a list of publishers you normally need an agent for.  The cost is 100 dollars. (

If that doesn’t work, I’m going to query a ton of agents.

If that doesn’t work, I’m going to beat down the doors (as in, electronically submit) to each and every publishing house I can find.

After that, self-publish on Createspace through

Whew!  Even I’m tired after looking at that list!

But for now, I am getting ready for a writing class in Fort Wayne this Saturday.  And I’ll most likely be signing up for an editing class through Taylor University.

Ok, time for a nap.  Right after I complete that list.

Talk to you later! :)


2 Thoughts on “My first blog post ever

  1. I would totally recommend going the query route first. Plenty of reason to be wary of any services that charge up front for things that could be done (better!) for free. Much like real estate agents, you want people working for *you* for their cut of the money when the deal is done. Much better incentive, that.

    You’ll also be able to gauge the marketplace better with your mass querying — you’d be surprised at some of the feedback you get as to why they won’t (or might) represent you and your work. It’s a more honest assessment than you’ll get from a writing group, and it’s one your writing needs. If you can generate enthusiasm from complete strangers who sell books to put food on the table, then you’re doing something right. The validation is nice.

    I went that route; it was an upward slog the whole way, both depressing and exhilarating. But it was for the best. Got *this close* to representation, but my work needed just a little more work. Another story for another day…

    tl;dr – Query away, don’t self-pub, don’t pay, don’t send straight to publishers.


    • Thank you so much! There is so much wisdom in your comment. My husband and I discussed submitting to Writer’s Edge quite a lot after reading this comment. I absolutely agree, and I want an agent so badly! I think I’m going to try Writer’s Edge first, just see what happens. This particular service submits to big publishing houses that require an agent, and they are known and trusted in that community. The leader of my writers’ group suggested I use them, since she got her book published through them. I guess we decided to gamble–pray a LOT–and see if this was the right thing to do! Thank you for your input, and I’m hoping this doesn’t bite me in the butt! You’ve been so helpful! Agents next, I promise! :)

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