My Name in Print? Swoon!

It’s the small things…Ok, maybe this is a big thing!

It’s the big things that send me shrieking in excitement all over my house like a crazy person!

My name, my stories, are in print for the first time.  Ever.

Stories from the Heartland, a compilation of fiction, essays, and poetry from the Heartland Christian Writer’s Group (that includes me!), grew from an idea dear to the hearts of our leaders, Joyce Long and Janet Hommel Mangas.

They wanted to showcase the talent of the authors in our group and give us all the incredible opportunity of seeing our names in print.

I said it before but I’ll say it again.


I can’t even begin to describe to you the first time you open a book, see your name, and read words that you have written.

After checking to make sure I was awake, alive, and still breathing, I calmed down enough to read the other entries in this 200 plus page slice of heaven.

There are so many other wonderful writers in my group, my own work pales in comparison.

Phyllis Garrett–four sweet little poems.  I wasn’t expecting to laugh out loud or cry in front of my family.  (Um, I do not like to cry in front of people!)

Pati Page–we liken her deep, spiritual lessons to Beth Moore’s teachings for a reason.

Valerie Wood–you may never capitalize “i” again after reading about her discovery.  Is English really the only language that capitalizes the personal pronoun “i”?

Nicole Jonas–thank you for teaching me how to approach someone who has loved and lost.  I never know what to say!  And, believe me, I will never be THAT GUY!  :)

Have I piqued your interest yet?

There are so many others–20 writers in all, including our own lovely leaders, Joyce and Janet.

I wish I could include each and every one of them, but, since I haven’t much time, I guess that means you’ll have to read their stories for yourself!  :)

Ok, that’s it!

Thanks for reading!

I couldn’t wait to tell you!

In Him,


Stories from the Heartland

Stories from the Heartland

A compilation of twenty different authors from the Heartland Christian Writer's Group, including three of my very own short stories, Stories from the Heartland varies in theme and intensity. Essays, Fiction, and Poems all meld together into a mix of literary enjoyment. It's perfect for when you don't know what to read! It has it all! :)
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About the Book

Meet Aunt Dottie, Big George, and Minyama. Visit with Grandpa Ralph on his farm or sit a spell with Frank and Mattie. Experience the intricacies of scattering ashes, grand parenting, and dealing with loss. Understand the heartache of being angry with God or the need for a timeout from your own children. You may chuckle and cry, agree and sigh. Stories from the Heartland will take you places with people you may never actually meet but will never forget.

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3 Thoughts on “My Name in Print? Swoon!

  1. Jerry Callison on November 23, 2014 at 11:55 pm said:

    Congrats! Proud of you. Keep them coming.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! :) My copy hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll be reading your stories soon as well! :D

  3. It was our pleasure to give you this experience, Michele! I’ll never forget the first time I saw my article in an anthology on Amazon. I was crazy ecstatic! Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrating Mothers (March 2007).

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