Operation First Novel

I have entered my book into ANOTHER contest.  Ok, that only makes three, but it seems like it’s been quite a lot!

Zombie Takeover is now in the hands of the judges at Jerry B. Jenkins’ Christian Writer’s Guild.  The contest, Operation First Novel, is open to all Guild members.  And, just like it sounds, your book has to be unpublished to enter.

But don’t worry, I will not be asking you to vote for my book daily!  ;)

There are three winners who all receive publishing packages.  First place just has everything–editing, cover design, promotion, coaching from SuzyQ, ebook, physical book, and more; while third only includes copy editing, cover design, and ebook distribution.  Second is in the middle somewhere.  I really hope I win first place, but any of them will do!

I was concerned the CrowdScribed contest, where I chose Jerry B. Jenkins as my mentor, might disqualify me, but a very kind Guild executive assistant assured me it did not.  Thank You, Lord!

I believe contestants will find out who won at the end of February 2015.  Man, that seems worlds away right now!

(Btw, the deadline for entering is September 3, 2014 if you are considering it.  If you do enter this contest, be sure to read the rules carefully.  I had to convert all my Word files from .docx to .doc–something I almost missed!)

One of the submission requirements was a “narrative synopsis…summarizing the entire novel, including setting, major characters, scenes, plot points, plot twists, and the conclusion.”  Thankfully, I was able to take and write this from the chapter outline of my book proposal.

I suppose that book proposal did come in handy.  ;)

There you have it!  The latest in my journey to publication.  This is one crazy, roller-coaster ride, and I can’t wait to see where God takes me!

In Him,


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