So sad!

I just wanted to let you know that February is the last month you can get both of my paperbacks for $9.99 each!

(insert sobbing emoticon here)

I know! It’s so sad!

I’ll try to be as brief with the details as possible, but I got an email saying Wisdom & Folly’s distributor had to raise their prices, and, “Would you like to raise the price of your book as well?”

Um, no!!!

Seriously. I originally tried to get them to price the book at $5. No one would listen to me. (Apparently paying for each book you sell is a very, very bad thing. Who knew?)

But the numbers say I just can’t keep it at $9.99. (Why, IngramSpark? Why?)

So, as of March first, Wisdom & Folly will now be $12.99 each. But there’s good news! I promise!

The eBook is staying at just $2.99, and there may-even-might be a sale for $.99 for Zombie Takeover’s launch. Woohoo!

(Which I’m working on like a mad crazy person. Seriously. My husband is questioning my sanity right about now.)

So that’s it. That’s my news.

And I hope my very next post is Zombie Takeover’s release date.

(holds breath)

Squeal! I can’t wait!!!

In Him,


(Btw, you can purchase Wisdom & Folly on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. Just so you know. Happy Reading!) :)

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