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I am thrilled!

Author Laurie Lucking from Lands Uncharted made my year!

In her post titled “Top 3 Books That Exceeded My Expectations,” she includes Zombie Takeover! My book! She likes it! And she hates zombies, too!

Oh, I am positively giddy.

You simply must read this fabulous blog post.

See the post here.

She also reminded me of a guest post I wrote for Lands Uncharted last year titled, “My Top 3 Spec Fic Books.”

I adored these three books then, and I love them even more today! (Yes, they may possibly be the three pictured above…)

See my guest post here.

Isn’t that marvelous?

Thank you, Laurie Lucking, for loving my book as much as I do!

In Him,


Wow, I’ve been busy!

To those of you who have wondered where I could have possibly disappeared to–I don’t even know what to tell you.

Wait. Yes, I do!

  • Released Wisdom & Folly
  • Started a publishing company
  • Hired a team of freelancers
  • Signed three other authors
  • Have been neck-deep in editing, marketing, and formatting other novels, as well as writing my own

Can you say, “Thank God for Sunday”? ;) (I can’t imagine not having one day for church, football, and rest!)

As the leader of my writers’ group, Joyce Long, said, “It seems like you’ve found your life’s work.”

I quite agree.

Every time God said, “No”–every time He shut a door in my face, I was one step closer to God’s “yes,” and I didn’t even know it.

And I’ve never before enjoyed my work so much. In. My. Life.

Next up? Getting ready for my next launch party! Woohoo!

Do I know when that’s gonna be?

Not a clue.

So this can’t wait. I’ve got a plethora of authors I just adore, whose books didn’t get added to my launch party list last time. Of course I had to showcase them for you! (You know, give you a hint of what’s to come?) :)

I’m crazy about books. I read all the time. And I want to share with you the very best.

These are a few of my faves, and I may-maybe-perhaps will review them in greater detail at another time. Right now I just want you to know what they are!

Love and hugs!

RJ Larson: Fantasy. Biblical fiction. A perfectly balanced mash-up that leaves you salivating for more.


Christy Barritt: Smart, witty, and snarky. This perfectly describes Gabby St. Claire, a crime-scene cleaner who gets into an insane amount of trouble. All the time. I’ve never had so much fun with a series before, and I am dying for book 11! (I LOVE these covers!)


KE Ganshert: Intense YA. What if a group of teens have been gifted to see another realm–one that has been decided by their authorities, no longer exists? And what if they can defeat the demons of that realm through a Power greater than them?


Debbie Viguie: Best vampire series I have read in my life! Intense, full of action, and makes you wonder: can a vampire truly be redeemed? In love.


KM Weiland: Several of her other novels are on my to-read list, but this one has captured me and still hasn’t let go. Dieselpunk Adventure. Need I say more?

Nadine Brandes: Gritty. Unexpected. Riveting. These books are not for everyone, but wow they blow you away if you love dystopian!


Ralene Burke: Meet Bellanok. A paradise filled with mythical creatures, all for the glory of their Creator. What can they do when a demon breaks into their Eden, intent on destroying everything? I seriously can’t wait to find out. Two books are out so far in this five-book mini-series. Love, love, love!


None of these authors asked me to do this; I just had to! I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love a good book? ;)

In Him,


Oh, yes! Check out my publishing company–if you wish. (www.love2readlove2writepublishing.com) To God be ALL the glory for the great, wonderful, amazing things He has done! I’m still in shock! :D

Photo Credit: Ralene Burke. Thank you for snapping that of me! I had no idea! :)

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