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My Favorite Part of Common by Laurie Lucking

Well, okay, let’s be honest here: I can’t tell you my favorite favorite part, because it’s at the end, and I don’t do spoilers.

(It’s sooooo good, you guys.)

But my second favorite part is near the beginning of the book, when Rafe, or Prince Raphael, and Leah are beginning to realize their feelings for each other.

You see, Leah is about to reach her Maturity–her sixteenth birthday–and Rafe makes it unforgettable by giving her a special present…well, why don’t I just show you? ;)

An excerpt from Common by Laurie Lucking:

My breath caught when I spied the glimmer of a candle in the window of Rafe’s chambers that evening. Though I’d tried to tell myself a servant’s birthday was of no consequence to a prince, I couldn’t help wishing he might remember. I struggled to keep my steps measured as I made my way to our closet. Did Rafe have something planned?
I pulled open the door.
Rafe jumped to his feet and produced a small box from his pocket. Approaching where I stood just inside the door, he presented it to me with a gallant bow. “I’ve been waiting all day to see you. Happy birthday.”
Gooseflesh crawled up my arms, and my pulse quickened. This was just the warm reception I’d hoped for, but now the reality of accepting a gift from Rafe made me want to turn and escape back down the hall. “You’re sweet, but this really isn’t necessary.”
He took a step closer. “Of course it is. Even if it’s only marked by your mother and myself, I think your reaching your Maturity is of the highest importance.”
My fingertips brushed his as I took the box from his hand. The brief touch produced a rush of warmth in my cheeks. Keeping my head down, I gently lifted the lid. The sight of an emerald pendant strung on a delicate silver chain propelled a rush of air from my lungs.
“Rafe! I…” I gulped. If anything, I’d expected a pastry or ribbon. Nothing like this. Few of the courtiers around the palace possessed a jewel so exquisite, and he was giving it to me? “I’m not sure I can accept this.”
His mouth fell open. “What’s the matter? You don’t like it?”
How could I explain my reservations without hurting his feelings? “It’s beautiful. Stunning. But it’s too much.”
A trace of his smile returned. “When I saw it in the marketplace last week, it reminded me so strongly of the color of your eyes, I knew you had to have it.”
That Rafe had been thinking of me in the middle of the marketplace—reflecting on my eyes, no less—sent a new surge of heat into my face. “But you must’ve had to barter something substantial for it.”
“I’m the prince, remember?” He leaned on the wall next to him, propped up by his hand. “I’m not required to barter.”
I backed against the door. “You mean you took this from the vendor without giving him anything in exchange?”
Rafe’s brows knit. “That’s always how it’s done in the royal family. We provide food, shelter, and protection for our citizens, and in turn, they offer their services without expecting any additional reward.”
Though it didn’t seem right, it should’ve come as no surprise. The queen never offered anything for Ma’s work on her gowns. “But even if it didn’t cost you anything…when would I wear it? None of the other maids own anything half as fine.”
“I guess I hadn’t thought of that.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “But still, you must keep it. Surely someday an opportunity will arise for you to wear it. In the meantime, you can hide it here and simply enjoy viewing it once in a while.”
He knew me too well. In spite of my protests, I was having trouble tearing my gaze away from the rich emerald as its various facets caught the moonlight. I steeled myself to argue further.
He put out a hand to stop me. “It’s yours. I’ll make it an official order if I have to. I can’t return it without causing the jeweler offense, and what would I do with a necklace? If it makes you feel better, I promise I’ll recommend him to every noblewoman in the kingdom so that his business ought to thrive. Please, just accept it. As a token of my friendship.”
I shook my head, my smile refusing to hide. “Thank you, Rafe. You will be happy to know this is the most momentous birthday I’ve ever had.”
His deep gray eyes brightened with pleasure. “Good, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. And you’re welcome.”
I crossed the room to sit on one of the barrels, still clutching the open box.
Rafe took a seat on an adjoining barrel. “Even if you won’t be able to wear it out there anytime soon, would you like to try it on?”
“I would, but…” Embarrassment clenched my stomach. “I don’t even know how to unfasten the clasp.”
He chuckled, taking the box from my hands. “Who would’ve guessed I’d end up teaching a young lady about jewelry?” He lifted the pendant off its small satin pillow, letting it dangle as he took the clasp between each thumb and index finger. “Here, it’s really quite simple.”
My mind still reeled from the enormity of the gift, making it impossible to concentrate as he demonstrated the workings of the catch mechanism.
He paused and held the ends apart. “Now turn around and lift your hair.”
I obeyed, holding my breath as he brought the pendant to lie at the base of my throat. His warm fingers grazed my neck as he secured the clasp, sending a tingle through my shoulders. Thank the new moon he couldn’t read my expression.
Rafe cleared his throat. “There.”
I lowered my braid to rest on my back once more and turned toward him. Reluctant to meet his eye, I glanced down at the gleaming jewel that produced such a stark contrast to the patched, faded bodice of my dress.
His gaze flitted to the pendant before returning to my face. “Perfect.”

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Happy sigh.

Isn’t that incredible?

And the best part?

Author Laurie Lucking is giving away an emerald necklace at her Facebook Launch party tonight, in honor of this breathtaking scene from her book!

Anyone is welcome to come (in fact, you can RSVP right here), and anyone in the U.S. can enter to win this beauty by showing up and commenting on the post.

Will I see you there?

And just because I love you, here are a few sneak peeks of other giveaways this evening.

See you in just a few hours!

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Want to know more about Common or perhaps order your own copy?

Check out the book description and order here!

Want to learn more behind-the-scenes facts about Common?

Check out the rest of the blog tour here!

And do not miss the Facebook Release Party tonight! It will be awesome!

About the Author:

An avid reader since birth (her parents claim she often kept them up late begging to hear just one more story), Laurie Lucking discovered her passion for writing after leaving her career as an attorney to become a stay-at-home mom. She writes young adult fantasy with a strong thread of romance, and her debut novel, Common, releases in 2018 from Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing. Laurie is the secretary of her local ACFW chapter and a co-founder of www.landsuncharted.com, a blog for fans of clean young adult speculative fiction. A Midwestern girl through and through, she currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and two young sons. Find out more about Laurie and her writing by visiting www.laurielucking.com.

I am thrilled!

Author Laurie Lucking from Lands Uncharted made my year!

In her post titled “Top 3 Books That Exceeded My Expectations,” she includes Zombie Takeover! My book! She likes it! And she hates zombies, too!

Oh, I am positively giddy.

You simply must read this fabulous blog post.

See the post here.

She also reminded me of a guest post I wrote for Lands Uncharted last year titled, “My Top 3 Spec Fic Books.”

I adored these three books then, and I love them even more today! (Yes, they may possibly be the three pictured above…)

See my guest post here.

Isn’t that marvelous?

Thank you, Laurie Lucking, for loving my book as much as I do!

In Him,


My Book Is Almost Here!

(Me holding my book and looking deliriously happy! Or maybe just delirious…) ;)

Oh my goodness, you guys! It’s almost here! Zombie Takeover is almost out. Just one more week!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016, I will be squealing, crazy dancing, shouting, and praising God for His goodness to me in letting another of my books be published.

And I’ll be getting ready for my Facebook Launch Party. Did I mention I’m giving away over 50 of my favorite books? I’m so excited to share my favorites with you! Join me here!

Also, Zombie Takeover the eBook will be $1.99 until the day of the Facebook party. What an awesome deal!

And eight of the most awesome people in the world signed up to be a part of my blog tour. You’ve seriously got to check out these amazing blog stops.

Amy Brock McNew interviewed me and asked me all kinds of nosy questions about book two (Vampire Feud) I was not prepared to answer. Spoilers, Amy, spoilers! ;) But I had to give a few hints anyway. Cause Amy is awesome and my readers rock. Check out her blog post on Thursday! As in, in two days!!!

Then Friday, July 8th, Kristen Stieffel let me write a guest post about “Why on earth did you write about zombies?” for New Authors’ Fellowship. So much fun! I bet you never knew this particular fact about me. Find out Friday!

Laurie Lucking from Lands Uncharted wanted to know my top three spec fic picks and why I adored these particular books. I’ll be giving a few of them away at my Facebook party, so I had to rave about them here as well. (And few I’ll be giving away at Kill the Beast’s Launch Party…hint, hint.) ;) Check out why I love them Saturday!

Sunday, Robin Pack will be reviewing Zombie Takeover on Snippets of Faith. I’m so excited (and did I mention nervous?) to hear what she thinks of my new release! Her website is absolutely gorgeous, you guys. Check it out!

Monday, July 11th, check out Robin Scobee’s review of Zombie Takeover on Quills and Ink Blotts. Each reader/reviewer has had something completely different to say about my novel, and I’m crazy excited (yep, still nervous) about this review as well. Bring it! ;)

Then you’ll hear plenty of gushing from me right here, next Tuesday, when my baby actually releases. Woohoo!

Wednesday, Jennette Mbewe will interview Candace Marshall in “Candid with Candace: How to Survive the Zombie Takeover.” That was freaking so much fun! Candace is such a baby. It’s just zombies, Candace. Sheesh. ;)

Shayla Eaton from Curiouser Editing is doing Zombie Takeover’s final review, and I’m nervous about this review for an entirely different reason. I mean, she’s an editor! What if I misspelled something, and my other editors and I missed it? Gasp! But I’m still so excited to see what she thinks about my book. This is surreal! It’s really happening! Check out her post Thursday, July 14th (the same day as the Facebook Launch party!) on Curiouser Editing’s blog page!

Then Ralene Burke is doing some kind of post-launch feature on how the entire launch for my latest release went. I’m on the edge of my seat to see what she has to say! Her posts are always so much fun! Check out the final blog stop of the tour on Friday, July 15th.

Isn’t that so cool? I’m so thankful for each one of these bloggers. They rock!

(You can also check out the full blog tour schedule on my publisher’s website.)

Here’s a little about Zombie Takeover:

I was the bravest, fiercest warrior, singlehandedly stopping the zombie apocalypse and earning the respect and admiration of those who fought with me. Just kidding. I pretty much peed my pants and wasted a ton of ammo. At least everyone else shot what they were aiming at. Me? Not so much. This is my story—me, Candace Marshall, the world’s biggest scaredy-cat, facing my biggest fear. Zombies. It was awesome. (As in, not at all.)

Candace Marshall hates zombie movies. She hates anything scary, in fact. In his usual, not-so-thoughtful way, her boyfriend surprises her with advanced screening tickets to the latest zombie flick, complete with interactive features and a tour. She refuses to watch it, but it doesn’t matter.

Horror becomes reality when an experiment gone wrong transforms her peaceful town into a mess of slathering zombies. Thrown together with the only other survivor, Gavin Bailey, her favorite actor and secret crush, she somehow fights her way through the mess, making plenty of blunders and surprising herself with…courage?

But, just when Candace thinks it can’t get worse than zombies, it does.

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Yo9yUf

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1U9F2NV

iBooks: http://apple.co/1S2Xr7E

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1Ugurhl

Thank you so much for celebrating my new release with me!

In Him,


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