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My Good News

Drum roll please…

At the Indiana Faith and Writing Conference this past weekend, I met with both an editor and an agent and pitched three of my novels to them.

I’ve got good news and bad-ish news.

The editor gave me her contact info and wants to see my work!

Happy DANCE!!!  :)

She had judged part of Zombie Takeover for the IFWC contest, loved the story, and wanted to know where it was going and how it ended.

After a beautiful discussion, she didn’t know if she could sell my zombie story with the current Christian market, so she encouraged me to take it to another publishing house she thought would fit my manuscript much better.

She asked to see Lady Assassin and was intrigued by Wisdom and Folly until I told her I had been posting it chapter-by-chapter on my website.

Unless I pull it, completely rewrite it, and post no further chapters, no publishing house will look at a work that has been posted freely for anyone to read.

I have prayed and searched my intentions, and I’m certain God wanted me to post it.  Free.  For anyone to read.

Reaching one person with the boundlessness of His love is worth never making a dime on Wisdom and Folly.

God gave it to me.  It’s His story, not mine.

But if He wants me to change what I’m doing–focus on publishing it instead of posting it–I want to know.

So I’m waiting on Him.  (And seeking advice!)

I digress.

The agent.

I pretty much bombed that pitch session.  I’ve been trying not to beat myself up over it.  It is what it is.  God knows what I need, and He’ll do what’s best for me, even if it’s not what I want.

She kindly listened to my lame pitch.  The zombie story interested her (the other two did not) but she said the same thing the editor did.

She didn’t know where she could take it that’s accepting zombie stories in today’s market.

She gave me some awesome tips, wrote down a couple of YA novels to read that had made it big in the Christian fantasy genre, and gave me the names of publishing houses that accept “out there” stories, no agent necessary.

She gave me her card–probably cause I was staring longingly at it–and told me to contact her when I write another book.

Not exactly how I pictured that meeting ending, but I am trying so hard to focus on the positive, not the negative of not getting signed.

So, I will let you know what the editor thinks of my work!  And if any of the publishing houses they both suggested are interested in my stories!

Oh yes!  I also handed Zombie Takeover to Dr. Dennis E. Hensley to be professionally edited.

I want the publishing houses to see my best work, polished, refined, plot holes destroyed, and singing “pick me!”  :)

I also have contacted (a while ago now) a magnificent artist on deviantART to design a cover for me if I decide to self-publish.

And oh, the conference was too wonderful for words.

I plan on going next year with another manuscript, pitch perfected, ready to snag an agent (if I don’t already have one by then!)

That’s my story so far on this incredibly long road to being published.

I have submitted my manuscript to Enclave Publishing–formerly Marcher Lord Press–and am trying to stay busy these eight, long weeks of waiting for their response.

I’ve got decisions to make, more queries and proposals to send, and I’m going to wait patiently on the Lord!

He has given me this dream–I will do my part then wait for Him to bring it to pass!

Love and hugs to you all–thank you for sharing this spectacular journey with me.

God bless!

In Him,


Book Proposal


I am wracking my brain over here to come up with a good proposal.

I’ve been working on the thing for a little over three weeks now (instead of the ONE in which I was hoping to have it completed) and I have to admit, I am floundering.

There are roughly five million guidelines for proposals out there, and most of them say proposals are for nonfiction works only.

Those for fiction are as varied as their authors.

Include Market Strategies; don’t include market strategies–your publisher will know this better than you will anyway.

Don’t include Comparative Titles; do include them–your publisher wants to see if you know your genre and market.


For the love!  Please–just, please get together and agree on what you want.  Then get back to me!  I’ll do it, any of it!

I guess my plan for now is to compile as much as I can, then include whatever the publisher asks of me.

Have you ever put together a proposal for a fiction work?

If so, what was your process?

Here’s what a fiction proposal can include:

  1. Title Page
  2. Cover Letter
  3. One Sentence Hook
  4. Brief Overview
  5. Sell Sheet
  6. Synopsis
  7. Market Analysis
  8. Competitive Analysis
  9. Market Strategies
  10. About the Author
  11. Author Marketing
  12. Table of Contents
  13. Detailed Table of Contents
  14. Outline of Chapters
  15. Two to Three Sample Chapters
  16. First 30 to 40 pages instead of a set # of chapters

(This is taken from my notes from Dr. Hensley’s class, honestediting.com’s editing service (including proposal packages), and several fiction proposal articles from wherethemapends.com and rachellegardner.com.)

A bit much, you think?  :)

Right now I have a massive 50 page proposal including a title page, sell sheet, synopsis, market analysis, competitive analysis, market strategies, about the author, chapter outline, and first three chapters.

And my “Market Analysis” and “Market Strategies” have crickets chirping on those particular pages.

I’m tired just looking at that list.  And I’m hoping I get to write fiction again someday.  After that proposal is completed.

Ok, thanks guys!  Sometimes it is good to just vent and get it all out there!

Any suggestions on what I should focus on?

Until then, back at it!  :)

In Him,


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