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Review of Rebirth by Amy Brock McNew

When I first read Rebirth, I was one of Amy’s beta readers. I begged her for a copy of the book I’d heard so much about–pretty much stalking her until she gave in and said yes–because it sounded amazing.

Well guess what? It was even better than I’d hoped.

And now not only is Amy Brock McNew‘s award-winning book being published, she is also my publishing sister! (For those who don’t know what that means–her book is being publishing by the same company publishing my books.) Hurray!

So today I get to be a part of her blog tour as her debut novel launches into the world in just a few short days.

But, first things first, here is the back cover copy:

Liz Brantley has a gift she wants to return.

Able to see and fight demonic forces, she has spent her life alone, battling the minions of hell bent on her destruction, running from the God who gave her this curse. Drawn to her abilities, the demon Markus unleashes havoc on her hometown and pulls Liz further into the throes of battle.

She’s desperate for a normal life.

When she meets a mysterious man who seems unaware of the mystical realm that haunts her, the life she’s always wanted moves within reach. But her slice of normal slips from her grasp when an old flame, Ryland Vaughn, reappears with secrets of his own. Secrets that will alter her destiny.

Torn between two worlds, Liz is caught in an ancient war between good and evil.

And she isn’t sure which side to choose.

Amy’s characters are gritty, real. Alive. Her writing is intense and draws you immediately into Liz’s world–a world filled with heartbreak, survival, and the slaughtering of demons.

I was hooked. Still am.

This urban fantasy with a touch of romance exceeded my expectations and instantly made me hunger for the next book in the series. (Come on, book two…)

And I hear she’s giving away some pretty awesome prizes at her Facebook Launch Party, including a few signed copies of Rebirth. Check it out here! (I also happen to be hosting it for her. I cannot wait!!!) :D

And don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s blog stop at Jennette Mbewe’s website for an interview with the author herself!

Way to go, Amy! I’m so excited for you! Your book is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

In Him,


Btw, Chicago’s Book Expo America 2016 was incredible. I’m so thankful they brought it to Chicago instead of New York for the first time in years so I could go! Next week, I’ll tell you more, but for now, preorder a copy of Rebirth and see why everyone who reads it loves it! So in love with this book, you guys. Until next week! :)

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