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My Gorgeous Girl

She’s here! My sweet princess has finally arrived, turning my world upside down.

As crazy as this sounds, I have had this insane writing spree where all of these plot lines have exploded in my head. I’ve been scribbling in notebooks during the endless hours of feeding my new girl, and now I have to find the time to transfer my ideas to my computer!

I’m so excited about these new story lines! :)

And I have some news to share.

I am having a cover designed by my incredibly talented cover artist, Sara Helwe, for Wisdom & Folly: Sisters. The story you see here on my website (and can still access) will be updated and expanded, and available in both Kindle ebook and paperback.

When I know the release date, I will be sure to let you know right away!

Also, I heard back from Pelican Book Group about Zombie Takeover. The editor said although she truly enjoyed my story, she did not think it was right for their publishing house at this time. She encouraged me to continue trying to get the book published. She was very kind and encouraging, and I appreciated the way she gently let me down. I must say, rejection letters are still hard, no matter how kind!

So I guess I have my answer.

Zombie Takeover will be self-published soon, with a cover reveal coming shortly. I can’t wait to show you the gorgeous cover Sara designed! I love it!

So there you have it.

More hurdles, disappointments, and perseverance on this road to publication. One day I will taste victory! :)

While my deepest wish and prayer is to be traditionally published, I will put my self-publishing courses to use and get my name and books out there for your reading enjoyment, pursuing traditional publishing along the way.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey, and I look forward to sharing more news as I traverse along! :)

In Him,


Wisdom and Folly Continued…

I have a goal.

To finish my Wisdom and Folly story before this baby gets here.

That means I’ve got 12 weeks to complete and post 12 chapters.

My original plan was to complete the saga after baby girl arrived, but, once again, God changed my plans.

Just in case you don’t remember, I had written roughly a chapter a week for 18 weeks (I know I took a few weeks off somewhere in there), then went to a writer’s conference.

I spoke with a lovely (she was wonderful!) publishing house editor who advised me to stop posting it for free if I ever wanted it published.

That really threw me.

I asked for your advice, and so many of you said, “If God told you to write and post it, then DO IT!!!”

I didn’t listen.

I was so stymied by those who suggested I stop writing, revamp it, and find a way to sell it.

Well, God had other plans. (And apparently the first thing He told me is what He meant! Imagine that!) ;)

Recently, I’ve been working hard on getting my Zombie Takeover novel ready for self-publishing.

I’ve had my book professionally edited, hired a cover artist, been working on back cover copy, bio, ISBNs, and interior layout for both ebook and print versions, and even took a month-long course so I can make it look professional! No way do I want to publish something half-done!

But God told me a four letter word I hate.


“What? Seriously? I’ve done so much to get my book on the market, YOU led me toward self-publishing, and now You tell me to wait???”

His response made me feel terrible. And I mean terrible.

“I told you to write Wisdom and Folly.”

My heart sank.

That editor is completely right. If I wanted to get Wisdom and Folly traditionally published, I would need to pull it from my website, rewrite it completely, then submit it to publishers.

That’s not what God wants.

So, out of obedience, I am going to try my very best to complete this story before my precious little one arrives, and let Him tell me when it’s okay to publish Zombie Takeover.

I must remember–I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

I will still share my cover with you. I will still layout my book and complete every step I know to get my book ready for publication.

But I am in no way publishing it until I feel my Maker’s release.

It is heartbreaking, but also so utterly freeing and joyous to see where He wants this to go.

Please forgive me for not listening sooner.

Okay, that’s it! I love you all and I pray He can still use my story for His purpose.

Until next time!

In Him,


Angel of Retribution ©2013-2015 Victor A. Minguez @ VictorAdameArt on deviantART.com

Used with permission. All rights reserved.


Help me choose a cover artist! :)

Cover art.

It can be bad on self-published books.

I don’t want that. (I’m sure you don’t want that for me either!)

Can you help me find the perfect cover artist for my book, Zombie Takeover?

The Kindle in 30 Challenge is officially over, and this is one of my very last steps. The goal was to have a book ready to publish on Kindle at the end of 30 days–or at least a messy first rough draft.

I had a messy final draft, which I just received back from Dr. Dennis Hensley, fully edited. If you need someone to edit your book–he is excellent!

But I’ve had one problem getting the challenge done.

That cover art.

I am in love with three different artists’ manipulations on deviantART.com. I have contacted all three but am having such trouble choosing among them!

Can you help me?

Sara Helwe is magnificent. Her website is a tutorial of how she creates her masterpieces using stock photos and photoshop, and her Facebook page is a visual delight for any art lover. (Never Strong Enough, KhaleesiMother Nature, and The Warrior all copyrighted © 2012-2015 Sara Helwe.)

Andy Garcia possesses rare talent. Her images are so stunning and dark and real. It gives me chills how good she is. Her Facebook page makes me marvel, “How on earth does she do that???” (Winter is ComingSteampunk Anthology, Closer to the Edge, and My Fire all copyrighted © 2009-2015 Andrea García.)

Okay, you know how obsessed I am with Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s books, right? Well, she recently featured one of her cover artists, Julia Popova. I checked her out on deviantART and oh. my. goodness.  Amazing!

Julia Popova‘s art is ethereal and sweeping with a fairy-like quality. I am instantly transported to another world when I scroll through her creations. Check out her Facebook page and website–you’ll see what I mean! (Apostate, In a Moment of PeaceThousandth Morning, and Ice Crystal all copyrighted © 2009-2015 Julia Popova/Forest Girl.)

Do you see trouble I’m having?

I want all three of them to design my covers! (And I may just do that the more books I publish!) :)

But–for now–I need to choose one.

I need to choose only one of these amazing artists to design the cover for Zombie Takeover.

Which one would you choose? Vote below and help me make this agonizing decision!

Thanks so much–you guys rock! :)

In Him,


Art used with permission. All rights reserved. sara-hel.deviantart.com, andygarcia666.deviantart.com, and forestgirl.deviantart.com

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