Taking a Much-Needed BREAK!

I am SO hoping I don’t disappoint anyone, but I am sitting here, staring at my Wisdom and Folly Scrivener doc, and all I can think of is my bed.

How good it would feel.  How soft it is.

How completely free of children it is at the moment.

(That will change when the next airplane flies over, another all-nighter fan sets off another blasted firework, or a freak storm comes rolling through.  Getting a non-sardine-packed bed in this house is a great luxury.  Even with carting the kids to their own beds night after night.  Multiple times.  Every night since the week before the 4th.  Thank you, Independence Day.)

Anyway, I have the next TWO chapters of Wisdom and Folly greatly compiled, but not edited.  Oh-ho-ho, no.  Not edited in the least.

And an all-nighter tonight seems like it will be physically painful.  Not to mention, non-productive.

(Are these enough excuses to be pardoned for the night?  I’m sure I could come up with a few more if pressed.)  :)

So I am going to take this night off, go to bed, and push the ending of my story out one more week for sanity’s sake.

When is the story going to end, you may ask?

Well, I finally have an outline of sorts–seriously, God has been giving me each chapter a week at a time.  Nothing ahead except for the final chapter.  I begged Him for a outline or rough idea so I know where the story is headed and when it might stop, and He very kindly gave me the roughest outline ever.  I am thrilled.  This planner who loves to know every detail was given just enough to keep me from crying that it might never end.  It most definitely has an end in sight!  Woohoo!

Anyway, my over-zealous self did way too much today and yesterday and is exhausted.

And I feel completely released by God so that’s good enough for me!  :)

Take some time to rest today, dear one, and I will do my best to manage my time more wisely.

I will see you all next week!

Thank you for your faithful readership.

Each and every one of you mean so much to me.

Goodnight, all!

In Him,


2 Thoughts on “Taking a Much-Needed BREAK!

  1. I think you need some sleep which always overrides a schedule:)

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