To Self-Publish or Not…

2015 has taken off with a bang, and it’s all I can do to keep up.

I’ve received the first 50 pages of my professionally edited manuscript back from Dr. Hensley, I’ve contacted several artists to negotiate cover design for two of my books, and I’ve enrolled in a writing, publishing, and marketing course by the Book Ninja, Kristen Eckstein.

It’s called the Kindle in 30 Challenge, an extensive course detailing how to self-publish a work of quality on Kindle in 30 days.

She teaches all of the steps necessary to getting a professional book uploaded to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. (

The only thing the course doesn’t cover is using CreateSpace ( or other methods to publish a print version as well. I wish it did!

Let me tell you, this course is amazing.  I have learned so much!

I first heard about it when I took a webinar by the Scrivener (only my favorite writing software ever! Also on Coach, Joseph Michael, about Kristen and her many services for authors who wish to be published.

She has made a great deal by uploading her books to Kindle only, and she teaches how to have an edge an Amazon’s market.

My favorite part of the course so far is her insistence not to publish low-quality works with bad covers. Thank you! This is so important if someone is considering self-publishing.

She offers step-by-step guidelines to writing consistently, publishing on your own, and creating a smashing marketing plan.

Having made a six-figure income from her Kindle-only books, Kristen knows what she is talking about!

Each of her classes is full of helpful information and offers practical advice on “what to do next.”

I can’t even tell you how much I’m enjoying this course. And I’m only halfway through! She only offers it a few times a year, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten in on her January class.

Below are three of her short books I have found extremely helpful. And the best part? They are only 99 cents!


Click on any of the three book covers above to take advantage of Kristen Eckstein’s 99-cent Quick Guides. She has many more, but these three are my favorite!

I hope you have all enjoyed traipsing with me on my journey to get published–it looks like God really is leading me toward self-publishing!

It’s a scary and fun ride!

God’s blessings to you all!

In Him,


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