Which cover did I choose?

I decided to use both of them.

Yep. You heard me right.

Both. Of. Them.

92 chose the gold cover. 23 picked the blue.

You voted. I listened. But there was just one thing I couldn’t get over.

I am in love with the blue cover.

So here’s the thing.

Since Wisdom & Folly: Sisters is such a massive book, it is being published in two volumes. (Seriously, I added so much more–it has doubled in size!)

Then you get your cover, and I get mine! How perfect is that?

I am working hard with my cover artist, the amazing Sara Helwe, to get this book to you soon.

(But I must say I am so relieved to have a little bit more time to perfect the second part of the book! Yay!)

Up next: Just when is my release date? ;)

Can’t wait to share my book with you!

In Him,


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